John E. Crutchfield III (better known as Jack to so many) began his professional career as a Photographer. His love for the craft of film photography allowed him to be passionate about each shot with particular attention being paid to the knowledge of the gift of light. After a few years behind the camera, he decided he could do even more for clients. In 1985, Jack founded Crutchfield & Associates as a full-service advertising agency. CA was built with the sheer determination of providing the best quality service to every client.

Over the years Jack had great staff walk through his doors. In 2005 he offered a position to Bernadette Trinidad. At that time, she had nearly 20 years of advertising industry experience. She worked hard to keep the company operating smoothly on every level, eventually earning her the position of Managing Partner. In January 2010, Bernadette’s hard work and dedication to the agency paid off. Jack passed the torch of President and CEO of Crutchfield & Associates to Bernadette. He believed her true passion for the advertising industry, as a whole, would bring the agency to an even higher level. After a long battle with lung cancer, Jack Crutchfield passed away on April 14, 2010.

Today, under Bernadette’s leadership, CA Ideas continues to be a high quality marketing agency with the diversification of services and the long-term commitment of developing lasting client relationships and brand images to make consumers think and feel BRAND.